Supporting ISB

ISB has created a unique and inspirational educational model. As members of the ISB community—parents, teachers, staff, trustees, and friends— we’re committed to embodying its values and setting examples for our students. Your support ensures a dynamic learning environment essential for their growth into knowledgeable, compassionate, and action-oriented individuals.

Like all independent schools, ISB faces the ongoing challenge of balancing operational costs with tuition revenue, which covers roughly 90% of our expenses. The Fund for Excellence (FFE) was established to bridge this annual budget gap and strengthen the ISB experience by providing immediate, unrestricted funds to seize learning opportunities and cover unforeseen expenses that may arise during the school year.

The FFE promotes our distinctive educational culture by directly funding field trips, author visits, guest speakers, workshops, technology tools, classroom supplies, and faculty development, which supplement the IB, dual language, and DEI curricula.

Our goal in the 2023-24 school year is to raise $350,000 from the ISB community, including parents, alums, trustees, friends, faculty, and staff. 

A gift to the FFE reflects our belief in ISB’s values and dedication to fostering globally minded learners. It is also a testament to our community spirit—everyone is encouraged to contribute at a level that is both personally meaningful and financially feasible, and all gifts contribute to what we can achieve together.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about the Fund for Excellence.

Make a Gift

A contribution to the FFE goes beyond a donation—it’s an investment in our shared commitment to ISB and its mission.

Make your gift TODAY!

We welcome all gifts, including corporate match gifts, foundation grants, and company sponsorships. All donations are 100% tax deductible and qualify for corporate matching gift programs, so be sure to check with your Human Resources department. It’s an easy way to make an even greater impact with your generosity.

If you have any questions or are interested in helping with the FFE campaign, please contact ISB’s Advancement Office by email at  or call at (718) 369-3023 ext. 450. Thank you for supporting ISB!