Facilitated by Librarian Amy Ribakove and ISB parent and Library volunteer Brooke, our 5th and 6th Grade Book Club met weekly throughout the spring semester to discuss Lasanga Means I Love you by Kate O’Shaughnessy and, with everybody on the same page, had many cozy lunches and lively literary discussions! Students shared with us the many reasons they joined the book club, which included “to discover new books,” “because I love reading books with other people,” and “I had never been in a book club and I thought it would be fun to share my opinions.” For the last chapter of our combination Middle and Lower School book club, they had one more delightful reason to be there: a heartwarming potluck lunch. Students shared their final thoughts on the novel — which had the “happy/sad finale” everyone was hoping for! — while they also enjoyed delicacies that had special meaning to them and their families. There were mint chocolate chip cookies that represented a Christmas tradition, brownies that brought back meaningful family memories, and, of course, a lasagna, filled with hidden “secret recipe” meatballs. It is safe to say that our 5th and 6th Graders totally lasagna’d their experience in the club!