Réimaginons le futur Reimaginemos el futuro Let’s reimagine the future

Our sustainability program is founded on the belief that by teaching students how the world is made of interconnected systems and combining this knowledge with imaginative thinking, we can empower our students to become agents of positive change via a curriculum that is deeply engaged in environmental studies and climate justice work. We recognize the complex nature of the climate challenge and acknowledge its impacts on children’s mental health. We aim to nurture our faculty, staff, and students’ emotional resilience and transform eco-anxiety into a catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving.

At the Re-Imagination Station, Lower School students have a space to express themselves about climate-related themes through activities such as art-making, writing, singing, graphing, or simply talking about the environment. With subtle prompts to inspire our students, we hope to capture their imaginations and inspire their creativity about what the future of the planet could look like. 

We are committed to cultivating joy and nurturing a sense of community through meaningful action, inspired by the voices of our students. We believe in the power of working together to bring optimism into our vision of the future and we are grateful for the energy shared through the collaborative effort of other agents of change dedicated to this work in our community.  

At International School of Brooklyn, we believe that to realize the vision of a happier, healthier and more prosperous future for our planet, our responsibility is to help our students:

Develop a systems-thinking mindset that is conducive to mindful stewardship of the planet

Actively research, learn about, and imagine a future built on climate solutions 

Advocate and act in support of our most vulnerable and at-risk communities, human and non-human

Take action to protect our commons (air, water, soil)

Harness the power of imaginative thinking

Green Dragons Committee

The Green Dragons, a subcommittee of the Parents Association, is dedicated to reducing waste at ISB. This committee also strives to raise awareness among students and the school community at large and connect ISB with local “green” initiatives. The committee complements the existing ISB staff task force around greeninitiatives and sustainability by spearheading and supporting activities that enable the school and members of its community to be more green.

Parents Association